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Each woman's high heels are sexy, charming, lady's essential weapon. Each quarter each year, designers have to understand a woman's heart for every fashion-conscious women designed chic high-heeled shoes, to enhance the feminine, highlight the noble sweet temperament woman, to be the first to see what this season hottest style high heels it? High-heeled shoes with the program you want to know? Now come with me! Gold, symbol of prosperity, a symbol of elegance, but also a symbol of the unique status. valentino2011 launch of the new autumn and winter shoes, vividly shows the beauty of gold defined. Whether each shoe design, material or color have demonstrated grace and elegance of design. Streamlined design of the shoe body and tip, it seems like a graceful female body, enchanting charm. Wear walking shoes valentino's in the city, through the crowd, will extend a romantic atmosphere. People always say: a woman always need a pair of shoes, a pair of views can take her travels to numerous good shoes. In my opinion, Valentino successfully design such a shoe, so that women can feel at ease at ease and happily take every step in life. This beautiful women's shoes, how can you miss it? Fashion Week Spring 2012 show floor, gorgeous clothing allows us to see the excitement for the masters, but the foot of the fashion can not be ignored, blooming shoes, all of a sudden we forget the upcoming winter, if Spring has been coming to us, now take stock of what this Fashion Week, "U.S. flower shoes" to see fun and full of beautiful shoes!

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